Project Description
A versatile, tree-based data structure to store or exchange data and metadata efficiently (in binary format). Written in pure C#, can be used in F#, too.

Last reviewed: 07-JAN-2016

ArboriumExplorer seems to be broken with .NET 4.5

Added Xamarin for Android NuGet support.
DNX Core 5 update.


Arborium is a tree-based solution to store data and metadata in a file stream or exchange data and metadata through network streams efficiently.

However, Arborium doesn't use any compression algorithms, it saves as many bytes as possible (uses
binary container format). Theoretically, there is no size limit in the binary container, but the .NET limits the data/metadata sizes to 8 exabytes.

The class has list- and LINQ-friendly operations to make it easy to use Arborium in any .NET project (even in the upcoming .NET 5 Core version). F# examples are available in Documentation.

There are many-many conversion operations that simplifies storing and exchanging data (supported by the converter class):
  • bool,
  • byte, byte array,
  • char,
  • short, integer, long, (enumeration)
  • float, double,
  • decimal,
  • DateTime, TimeSpan,
  • GUID,
  • string (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16LE and UTF-32LE),
  • VarInt and VarUInt saves as many bytes as possible.

Storing other types are also easy, just serialize them into a stream or byte array.
The events help you to load the node content dynamically, i.e. keep big data in file streams.

The Statistics property gives information about i.e.
  • the number of nodes,
  • the depth of the tree,
  • maximum and minimum of the length of the data/metadata
  • the minimum and maximum number of children
  • the number of nodes with and without data/metadata/children


ArboriumExplorer is a GUI based viewer/editor to edit arborium trees manually. It can create, load and save files; add, edit, delete nodes and copy to or paste from clipboard. The editor can also merge (attach) or split (detach) subtrees.
Installation note: copy the ArboriumExplorer.EXE and the Arborium.DLL (either Debug or Release) into the same directory.


See also the documentation/examples page:

Unit tests

Unit tests help to keep the project code robust.

NuGet packages

This code is is distributed under the terms of the BSD licence.

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